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Lemnos is a volcanic island. Although it does not have any forests, it is filled with extensive fertile fields, cultivated with vineyards and cereals. It also has, wonderful clean beaches!
Lemnos has more than 40 villages, with beautiful traditional houses. All villages worth a visit! Experience up close the beautiful neighborhoods of Lemnos!
For ancient Greeks, the island was sacred to Hephaestus, god of fire and technology, who fell on Lemnos when his father Zeus hurled him headlong out of Olympus.
Mikro Fanaraki
Along with the Megalo Fanaraki are most popular beaches in Moudros
Quiet beach, north of the island, before Kaviria archaeological site
One of the most famous epithets of Lemnos is "Dipolis", the island with the two powerful cities, Myrina and Hephaestia
Poliochni is the most ancient neolithic city in the Europe. It was built around 4000 BC!