Lemnos Beaches

Lemnos beaches
Lemnos is a beautiful island with superb unspoiled beaches. There are numerous sandy, uncrowded beaches which are among the best in the Aegean Sea, spread all over the island. Lemnos beaches have crystal-clear waters and soft sands.

Most popular and organized beaches on Lemnos are located on the western side of the island. There are a number of beach bars, offering sunbeds and parasols. The beaches in the east of Lemnos, are more secluded but they provide the best spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing!

Northern beaches
Zematas (Panagia)
Neftina (Kontopouli)
Bournias (Varos)
Kotsinas (Kotsinas)
Agios Ermolaos (Atsiki)
Gomati (Katalakko)
Eastern beaches
Keros (Kalliopi)
Makris Gyalos (Kaminia)
Agios Ioannis (Kaminia)
Southern beaches
Mikro Fanaraki (Moudros)
Megalo Fanaraki (Moudros)
Thanos (Thanos)
Chavouli (Moudros)
Evgatis or Zematas(Thanos)
Louri (Skandali)
West beaches
Agios Ioannis (Kaspakas)
Avlonas (Myrina)
Romeikos Gyalos (Myrina)
Riha Nera (Myrina)
Tourkikos Gyalos (Myrina)
Plati (Plati)