Castle of Myrina (Kastro)

When you reach it by the sea, the island welcomes you with its imposing Castle! The Castle of Myrina is built on a rocky and craggy peninsula, and it communicates with the mainland only from the east. It is the largest fortress in the Aegean Sea.

The formation it has today goes back to 1207, when the Venetian Filocalo Navigajoso, Great Duke of Lemnos, fortified Myrina. However, it is his successor Leonardo Navigajoso, the one who strengthened the castle and held it under his dominion for 45 years. During the Ottoman Rule, the Castle was inhabited by Turks.

During the siege of Myrina by the Russian fleet in 1770, the castle walls went under great damages. At the east and south side, the wall is high and the number of towers relatively large, while on the north and west side, the wall is much lower and the towers scarcer. At the highest point of the hill there is a half-destroyed fort-like building with many interior spaces.

Today, the Castle of Myrina is a monument open for public visit. Those of you, who will find yourselves in Myrina by night, will experience an amazing spectacle! From a long distance, when the Castle is lit... it looks like it's flying in the sky!