Sights in Lemnos

A walk to Myrina and the Castle
You can spend a day in the capital of the island, Myrina. Walk the traditional stone-paved alleys and admire the old stone mansions that will appear before you. Make a stop at the Archaeological Museum of the city which was built by Italians. It's one of the most beautiful museums you have ever seen. The Byzantine Castle, built by Andronicus Comnenus the 1st, awaits you above the scenic city. You can visit it and if you are lucky, you may meet a deer since the Castle has been a valuable refuge for deer for several years. Walking down the Castle you can visit the small Port of Myrina with its traditional color, the fishing boats and the taverns by the sea. Learn more about Myrina's Castle
Poliochni: Europe's oldest city
You can visit the oldest city in Europe, Poliochni, located opposite of Troy. Poliochni started as a small Neolithic village during the 4th millennium BC and it developed in a thriving city of Copper. Besides, the excavations that took place in the island at times have proved the existence of a Neolithic civilization in Poliochni. So, you can wander in the oldest city in Europe and see ancient pottery, huts, barns, aqueducts and parliaments of another era. Learn more about Poliochni
Make a visit to the Kavirian Sanctuary and the Cave of Filoktitis
The Kavirian Sanctuary is located in the south-east side of the island, within 47km from Myrina. The Sanctuary is referred to the Tyrrhenian Stage and it was used then to conduct special events, the Kavirian Sacraments. After taking a tour in the Kavirian Sanctuary, you can visit the Cave of Filoktitis which is located right under it. According to mythology, this is the place where the Homeric hero was taken by his comrades, when he was bitten by a snake, hoping that it will cure him! Learn more about Kaviria